Mahi Aroha Awards 2023 Nominations

Volunteer Wellington hosts the annual Mahi Aroha Awards – which is our chance to recognise and celebrate volunteers and volunteering in our community.

Why nominate?

Volunteer Wellington Mahi Aroha Awards are a wonderful opportunity to recognise the contribution and achievements of outstanding volunteers. Nominating someone is a special way to acknowledge and thank a volunteer who has made a difference to your organisation.

Who can you nominate?

Any organisation can nominate an individual volunteer, a Board/committee and an employee team volunteering in the community. It is not necessary to be a Volunteer Wellington member to be a nominator or a nominee.

Who can make a nomination?

Anyone can nominate a volunteer and/or business in the region that have been actively volunteering since June 2022. It is not necessary to be a Volunteer Wellington member to be a nominator or a nominee.

How do you nominate?

The nomination forms are online and available to complete now. Closing date for nominations is 19th May 2023. A few tips when using the online forms:

  • You can make as many nominations as you like in each of the three categories.
  • If you are nominating several people or organisations please complete a separate form for each nomination.
  • When nominating your board or committee – just one form can be used.
  • Please provide as much information as possible and answer every question.
  • Save the text you have entered by pressing the button at the bottom of the edit screen.
  • You can save your nomination form at any stage. If you want to finish the form at another time please Save the link provided so you can return to your saved form at a later date.
  • Any supporting material submitted will not be returned.
  • Double check the nomination before pressing the submit button. Once submitted you cannot make any changes to the nomination.
  • Nominations must be typed – please do not use any formatting or coloured text as this will be removed by the system.

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