Non-profit Organisation Registration

Policies for registration

  1. Volunteer Wellington will register not-for-profit (NFP) groups/agencies/organisations, but not individuals, offering positions for volunteers, provided that such groups adopt sound volunteer involvement management practices. “Sound volunteer involvement management practices” will include policies for volunteer involvement, risk management policies, role descriptions, training, supervision, support, recognition and reimbursement of agreed out-of-pocket expenses.

  2. NFP Agencies must adhere to the 1994 Human Rights Act, the 2020 Privacy Act and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, and any subsequent additions and amendments for registration with Volunteer Wellington.

  3. NFP Agencies wanting access to Volunteer Wellington’s services will be requested to pay a yearly registration fee. This is set annually by the Board.

  4. It is the responsibility of NFP member organisations to formulate their own insurance and volunteer expenses policies. Volunteer Wellington does not accept responsibility in this area.

  5. The decision to appoint a volunteer is the responsibility of the NFP member organisation. Volunteer Wellington does not accept responsibility for the performance of the volunteer(s) referred or for the accuracy of the information supplied by the volunteer(s).

  6. NFP member organisations need to have their own interview selection procedures in place and are required to inform the referred volunteer/s and Volunteer Wellington of their decision for any placement or otherwise of the referred volunteer(s).

Please confirm your understanding and acceptance of the above:

Membership Fees, 1 April to 31 March

$60 Gross income up to $ 5 000
$95 Gross income between $ 5 000 and $ 49 999
$130 Gross income between $ 50 000 and $ 99 999
$170 Gross income between $ 100 000 and $ 199 999
$215 Gross income between $ 200 000 and $ 299 999
$270 Gross income between $ 300 000 and $499 999
$305 Gross income between $500 000 and $999 999
$370 Gross income over $1 000 000
$305 Organisation with two to five branches or subsidiaries
$370 Organisation with six or more branches or subsidiaries
POA (AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP) For organisations who refer their clients to Volunteer Wellington in the course of their business