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Employee Volunteering

What kind of project fits your team

Social Service Project

May still involve some hands-on work but are usually more sedentary and may involve social interaction with members of the community.

  • Working alongside those with disabilities.
  • Sorting household goods & furniture for sale in an Opp shop.
  • Cooking meals for those in need.
  • Social activities with the elderly.
  • Fundraising on appeal days and awareness weeks.

Conservation and Hands on Projects

These projects are for those who are keen to get involved in more physical work. This is usually outdoors, getting your hands dirty and working hard.

  • Outdoors conservation work (weeding, planting and mulching)
  • Beach and park clean ups.
  • Animal care.
  • Painting or DIY indoors or outdoors.
  • House-building projects.

Skilled Volunteering Project

These projects involves deploying specific skills or experience in a certain field to build capacity with a community organisations.

  • Developing and presenting a workshop in an area of expertise (strategic & business planning, people management, marketing & communication, and social media.)
  • Capacity-building projects within a community organisation (reviewing financial, IT or administrative systems.)
  • Project management skill development.
  • Health & safety and risk assessment planning.
  • Development of policies, such as financial, health & safety.
  • Mentoring and leadership training for Managers.
  • Utilising any life-skill, such as gardening, sports coaching, using technology